50+ Romantic Happy New Year SMS for My GirlFriend 2019

Romantic Happy New Year SMS for My GirlFriend 2019 can be sent through instant messages or through cards alongside presents for the sweetheart. One can likewise send t\recordings of New Year Messages for the sweetheart on a DVD and send it to her. The New Year wishes can be sent alongside affection notes for the sweetheart who communicates the adoration affections for her notwithstanding passing on the New Year wishes to the sweetheart. Notwithstanding these, one can likewise send the Sweet New Year eve 2019 wishes, SMS on long-range informal communication destinations by transferring a New Year festivity photo alongside the New Year wishes.

The New Year welcoming wishes for the sweetheart can be sent alongside adoration notes for her. These welcome wishes are sent through cards. One can likewise send New Year welcoming wishes through excellent instant messages for the sweetheart to make her vibe adored and extraordinary. Sending the best Happy New Year 2019 welcoming wishes through long-range informal communication destinations is additionally a decent gifting thought.

Romantic Happy New Year SMS 2019 For My GirlFriend

Happy New Year, baby.
I promise to make this Eve
As special as you are to me,
And I promise to make your
Year even more special!

Happy New Year SMS 2019 For My Girlfriend


My love for you is just like
A romantic snow dance
Whirling words
Forming a warm blanket
Of intimate happiness
Happy New Year my darling


You fill up my heart with feelings
I had never known before.
I want your New Year to be
Just as special as you are.

Thanks for making my life so
Beautiful with your presence.
I wish that 2019 brings along
More romantic moments for us
And make it a memorable year.Happy New Year my adorable darling

Happy New Year SMS 2019 For My Girlfriend

This New Year, I only have one wish.
I wish that I will be able to make you
happy for the rest of my life.Happy New Year, honey


The feelings I have for you My Love
Fill me with so much bliss…
I’m so glad that you choose me
To love, To cares and KissHappy New Year Sweetheart


This year, my new year’s resolutions are:
To love you better,
To care for you more,
To make our relationship longer.
I Love you!


My Dear Girlfriend,
I Would Like To Kiss You On December
31st From 11:59 Pm To 12:01
Am So I Can Boast An Immense Ending To 2018
& Boast An Amazing Start
For The New Year 2019 Wish U A Happy New Year 2019


My lips desire to kiss you,
My eyes desire to see you,
My hands desire to touch you,
Every part of me desires you,
Perhaps because i was created just for you!
Wish u a happy new year darling.


Enjoy this life completely.
I love u my darling
With all the perfume of a rose and
With all the lights in the whole world,
And also with all the kids smiles
My hearty love for you only
I wish you happy new year 2019 my darling.

Happy New Year SMS For My GirlFriend 2019

The Happy New Year 2019 love wishes for the sweetheart communicates the profound love emotions the sender has for her. The adorable wishes are sent alongside affection notes and New Year wishes together for her. The sweet love New Year wishes make the sweetheart adored and mindful she about how much best love the darling or beau has for her.

Happy New Year SMS For My Girlfriend 2019

An ex is somebody with whom one was seeing someone. The New Year eve 2019 wishes to the ex can be sent through instant messages or through cards for her to pass on the New Year welcome for her. It would make her vibe great and thought about.

The sentimental Happy New Year wishes 2019 for sweetheart pass on the affection and the New Year wishes for her. The desires are composed with extraordinary sentimental words to make the sweetheart feel cherished. The desires can be sent through wonderful sentimental cards or through instant messages with sentimental expressions and statements.

Your tender guidance
Unfailing protection and
Constant caring heart
Makes me grateful to be your girl
Have a wonderful coming year

Happy New Year SMS For My Girlfriend 2019


All the deep meanings of love,
All the tales of heart,
With you it feels special,
Right from the start,
Coz I love you very much!
Happy New Year 2019


To my prince who protects me
And loves me through it all..
Your princess is here to wish
You a very special New Year!


Your love has made each day
Of my life a magical one. So, as
New Year commences, my
Humble tribute to you are the
Three magic words – I love you.


With all the Rose’s Perfume
And with all the lights in the world
And with all the children Smiles…
I Wish U that all your dreams comes True..

Happy New Year SMS For My Girlfriend 2019


It is 2018 that we came closer and
Understood each other but I know 2019
Will bring in more happiness if you are
By my side every moment.


There have quite a few times in 2018
When I gave you pain and made you
Sad because of my attitude.
But I promise I will fill up 2019
With moments of happiness and pleasure.


Let’s be together in this New Year and
I’ll show you how much I love you,
A New Year begins for our us and
I just want to be with you, Happy New Year


Seasons change; years come and go
But my love for you never stops to grow.
For your love has made my life bright
And I love to celebrate New Year
With my man on my side.

Happy New Year SMS For My Girlfriend 2019


We all deserve to live our true love story
And enjoy great happiness by the side of our loved ones.
I hope that this year brings that special person
We have been expecting for so long.
Happy New Year’s Eve!

2018 has come to an end,
And you are still there.
I know that even though
The years may come and go,
Your love is everlasting.
Thank you for that.
Happy New Year My Lovely Wife


Honey It’s My Prayer
That As We Grow Old Together
Our Love Becomes Stronger,
Having Spent A Lovely Year Together,
I Thank God For That.
Happy New Year


You are not just a wife to me,
You are my best friend.
I count on you for everything
Because nobody else understands
Me the way you do.
Thank you for being such a doll.
Happy New Year 2019


Honey I Love You, So Much.
I Look Forward To Spending
Another Wonderful Year Of My Life With You.
You Mean The World To Me
And I Can’t Do Without You.
Happy New Year 2019 !!!!

Happy New Year SMS For My Girlfriend 2019


Guide me like the stars when
The moon disappears on dark nights
And walk with me side by side
When others leave my hand.
Be there to make my year ahead
More wonderful and beautiful.


For my wife who gives me courage
to endure all the challenges of life,
I wish a New Year that gives her
more strength to hold my hands tight.
Happy New Year Sweety


The happiest day in my life was
the day you finally became my wife,
I feel so lucky every day of my life
having you as my lover, wife, and best friend.
Thank you for your love and care.
Happy New Year my heart!


A New Year is a new beginning
and likewise I pray to the lord to
bless our relationship with new fun and
love filled moments this New Year,
Dear Wife. Have A Happy New Year 2019.


Since the day we become husband and wife,
I’ve greeted each New Year with
Overflowing happiness and thanksgiving.
Have a lucky and wonderful Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year SMS For My Girlfriend 2019


Lovely wife, I pray the new year blossom up our
relationship into a much deeper and fruitful one
with a new dawn of a new year. I send all my
love and new year wishes for a prosperous New Year eve 2019


You know, after all these years living together,
I realize that if I had a chance to change everything,
I would never take it. I will always choose you, my dear wife.
Happy New Year To Lovely Wife

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