10+ Happy New Year's Eve Best Party Ideas 2017

Are you planning to celebrate your New Year’s Eve with a great pomp and show?

If YES! Then we have come up a great collection of ideas for new year party which you can select as your celebration idea and make your day special.

New Year 2017 is just few months away from now and people have already started planning for parties, hangouts, holidays with their friends, family and loved ones.

We have lots of different new year party ideas which will help you to decide what to do and how can you make your eve a memorable one.

People look for places like Goa, Daman, Diu, etc., because they love to celebrate different parties like Beach Parties, House Parties, Banquette Parties, Club Parties and many more. You can go to pubs, have drinks and dance and enjoy the Eve.

So, no need to be on boring side this year, rather go and browse these new year party ideas and celebrate your 31st December with love and fun.

Happy New Year 2017 Party Ideas

1. Go For Dinner With Your Friends

If you want to enjoy the first day with your buddies, you can spend the whole day by doing shopping or playing games at malls and in the evening you can party by having dinner at the best hotel or restaurant in your city and make your day special.

2. Hit The Dance Floor

If you love dancing, you can go to pubs and enjoy dancing with your friends, partner and make the night special for yourself and enjoy to the fullest, because these are some special memories which we never forget.

3. Celebrate With Your Family

Party doesn’t always means dancing or hanging out with buddies. In this busy world, people usually don’t have time to spend moments with their family members. So New Year is one of the special occasion on which you can stay with your family and assure them that you will be them all of your life. Family must be on the top of the priority list.

4. Play Games

Playing games is one of the best thing you can do with your friends for fun and it will be like a grand party only because playing games with friends and having competition with them is a great fun which we can have and make our day with full of funs and happiness and after finish playing, you can go out for dinner also which completes the day.

You can play different games like Bowling, Car Racing, Competition Of Counter Strike, Damsharads, Carom and many more at your home also. If you are at Goa or Daman you can play games like Volley Ball and Badminton at beaches and have fun.

5. Chocolate Parties

Chocolate is one of the sweetest thing to have or to present the person you love. Girls specially love chocolates and if you will throw a chocolate party for them, it will be the Happiest New Year for them. Enjoy your whole day and have chocolates in the evening and end your day with a smile having chocolate party.

6. Go For A Desi Party

This one is something different and sounds really interesting. Go with your buddies to a Punjabi dhaba and have a full plate of Punjabi Thali with one large glass of buttermilk and Lassi. New Year arrives when winter season is going on so you can also have Makke Di Roti with Sarson Da Saag and party in this way. You will forget that you were enjoying your party, but you will definitely remember the tasty food.

7. Midnight Crackers

When the clock hits 12:00 A.M, the fireworks in the sky will make the sky more and more beautiful and it will the most mesmerizing thing to see in the night. It will add golden memories to your day and you can start partying after watching the midnight crackers decorating the sky with it’s colors.

8. Throw Party For Kids At Home

Kids are the sweetest, innocent, loving and sweet babies full of fun, mischievous and happy creatures on this planet. Making them smile, laugh, playing with them is one of the best feeling ever. If you are alone on New Year’s Eve you can throw a grand party for kids at your home and make delicious food for them specially which kids love. Bring a cake and cut it with kids and enjoy your party and make the children smile.

9. Decorate Your Home & Call Your Loved Ones

If you are in a relationship, you can call your partner at home at decorate your home in such a way that it makes your partner happy and decorate it in some special way like wishing your partner a Happy New Year and having a candle light dinner and a sweet and romantic couple dance. This is a kind of party for couples who want to spend time with each other on this special occasion.

So these are some of the beautiful new year party ideas. Welcome the upcoming year with lots of love and a big smile. Take ideas from this collection and plan according to what you have selected and make your day memorable so that you can remember it all of your life.

Have fun and wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017 in advance.