6 Best Happy New Year Eve Celebrations Ideas 2017

What would you consider a great way to say goodbye to 2016 and give a warm welcome to 2017?

It could be anything like a vacation, a trip, a get together etc. But I exactly know, what comes into people’s mind when I say Happy New Year!, its PARTY! and if you think the same, you are certainly mistaken.

There are many ways to have a new year eve Celebration apart from a party.

It also depends on the kind of people you are Celebrating with. If your targeted guests are kids then a small house party will be a good option.

In the case of office New Year Party, a decent hotel will be of course a better option.

So now you know the fundamental base of having a party, you just have to keep in mind what people you are going to invite and then decide the party style.

When you are planning the celebration you must first keep in mind the people you are inviting.

New Year 2017 Celebration Ideas

Here is a comprehensive list of celebration ideas for new year party that you might like.

1. House Party With Kids

If you are having a house party for kids, then you can fully decorate your house with ribbons, balloons, flowers etc. this is a great idea as kids love colorful decorations as well as balloons.

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Do make sure you have cake and all the meals should be the ones that the kids will like such as noodles, pastries, cupcakes etc. and since it is a kid’s party you should host some games and skits to keep them interested and laughing :)

2. New Year Party With 25 Years+ or More

If you are hosting a party for a bunch of 25 years old, then you have to take care of whole different things. You might wanna bring in booze, as this time of the year everybody is looking forward to blow off some steam and have a blast.

It is still totally on your personal decision that you wanna have booze or not. The theme of party can be anything from a costume party or a elegant formal party where everybody is dressed up and looking sharp or you can have a DJ come at your place and just do his thing to pump up the party and make everyone go nuts and dancing and this is the most popular opinion also.

3. A Rocking New Year DJ Party

If you are planning a DJ party, this could be a great option but be warned if you are planning to do it at your place, then you are gonna have to clean up a lot of mess but if you wanna have a kick-ass party it is gonna be totally worth it.

For this, the most essential thing is that you must have a good spacious apartment or lawn or any other place. Then the second most important thing is that you need a good DJ, who knows how to play the music.(you must book them early as they might end up booked for the night) next thing is that you need a good lighting.

The more neon you add the more good the theme is gonna look. Get some of those radium paints and radium sticks and bands it will add up to the theme. Do not forget the party hats and the noisemakers and do tell the DJ to play the count down when there is only 10 seconds left for the new year to come. It is a mandatory practice when it comes to new year celebration.

4. Plan Your New Year Party Outside

Other celebration idea is to get the gang and go to a country side and have a party outside with music, a grille with grilled chicken and cottage cheese and many more dishes.

It is a great option when you are looking forward to have a pleasant party where a couple of friends will come over and hangout with each other. You can also get a stereo system to create an environment of little fun and enjoyable.

You can also get some fireworks that will go sky high when the clock will strike 00:00. This is will make up a great way to welcome the Year 2017 and say goodbye to 2016 with a blast! And yes, do not forget the cake :)

5. Dinner Party With Your Family 

Now if you do not wish to have a typical rave new year party then you can have a lovely dinner with your family and friends which is a very unpopular opinion with the most but it is a totally whole new experience.

It is not mandatory that there will not be any music or dancing, you can add dancing in between the appetizers and the dinner. These occasions are the best opportunities to come closer to the family and siblings. You can also have a couple of friends over if you wish.

6. Knock To A Bar If You Are A Party Animal 

If you are a party animal and planning on having a blast but no place for apartment, then you can go for a party or a bequeath or any bar. There are always parties going on even at the bars. Just make sure that you have pre-booked the passes for places like this because its really gets crowded over these places and its becomes really difficult to get the passes and that is not what you would rather wanna do.

Well these are the things that I consider as the most amazing ways to have a happy new year party and welcome the year 2017.

If you are gonna host, then make it epic! And if you are gonna attend then also.... Make. It. Epic! ;)

Things To Keep In Mind

The only thing you should keep it mind is that whatever you do weather it is a house party or a club party or just a dinner, you and others should have a great time :) or you can use your own creativity and mix up a couple of ideas mentioned above and make a unique idea of your own but do not forget to make it safe and limited to the point where everyone enjoys.

I think that there must be something in there that you might like interesting and if you really enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below and also if i missed out on something that you might enjoy as a great idea to have a party mention it down in the comment :)

So happy partying and have a very Happy New Year! :D